So proud of his Premiership team was Mount Eliza Cricket Club President, Alf Davey, (great grandson of original settler, James Davey) that he had a photograph taken of the winning side.

Here they are, seated next to the Mount Eliza Community Hall, adjacent to the “Old Ground” upon which Mount Eliza played from formation in 1926 until the Country Roads Board built the Nepean Highway Mount Eliza By-Pass straight through both Hall and Ground.

This photograph is a warm reminder of a Mount Eliza long gone, a small seaside/farming community whose fundraising built the Hall and whose subscriptions allowed the Cricket Club to purchase it’s equipment and curate its playing field.

This photo was presented by Alf Davey to the Mount Eliza Cricket Club as recognition of the achievements of the 1929/30 flag winners and hung in the Hall until the bulldozers did their work. The whereabouts of the original is unknown.

Mt Eliza Cricket Club’s Maiden Premiership
1st X1 Premiers 1929/30